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Based out of Rutland, Vermont, the Rutland Railroad’s beginnings date back to the Champlain and Connecticut River Railroad in 1843. The humble 400-mile long line serviced Vermont and northern New York State up until the early 1960’s, succumbing to a long list of woes from labor issues, economic downturn and the loss of industry in the northeastern US. Most all of the Rutland Railroad trackage in Vermont was acquired by the State in 1963 and subsequently leased to the Vermont Railway (1964) and Green Mountain Railroad (1965) start-up companies. Both railroads continue in operation today as part of the Vermont Rail System.

2015 Annual Convention

The 2015 Annual Convention will be held April 25-26, 2015 in Norwood, NY. Convention details and forms will be mailed to members with their next issue of The Newsliner. For more information on the convention, Click here to find out more…

About the RRHS:

The Rutland Railroad Historical Society is dedicated to preserving the memory of the Rutland Railroad. They are a non-profit historical and educational organization and the society publishes a quarterly magazine, The Rutland Newsliner. The Society also hosts an annual convention which is held each spring at a location along the route of the former Rutland. – Click here to find out more…

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