80’s and 90’s on the Rutland

In Volume 16, Number 2 of the RRHS’s magazine, The Newsliner, author Robert W. Adams wrote an article called “Remembering the Rutland’s 80’s and 90’s class Steam Power”.

The 80-series steam engines were 4-6-2’s and patterned, like much of the “newer” Rutland steam roster, after New York Central designs. Engines 80-82 were classed K-1 engines and had 69″ drivers, while 83-85 were classed K-2 engines and had 73″ drivers. These steamers were used throughout the Rutland system and frequently powered the Mount Royal and Green Mountain Flyer trains, as well as time-sensitive milk trains. They were considered a favorite of engine crews.

The 90-series steam engines were 4-8-2’s and similar in design to 4-8-2’s built for the Erie. Delivered in 1946, the four L-1 classed engines, 90-93 arrived in a striking green and yellow paint scheme. In less than two years however, they were repainted black as the green was next to impossible to keep clean. The L-1’s were the last steam engines delivered to the Rutland, and lasted less than a decade before meeting their fate in the scrapper.

Adams’ article discusses both the 80’s and the 90’s including issues with turning them at Bellows Falls, their operations and reasons why the 90’s were purchased in the first place.

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